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Name:Noctis Lucis Caelum


The crown prince of the kingdom of Lucis, Noctis shoudlers the responsibility of defending his kingdom from all of its enemies, most of whom are relentless in their pursuit of the kingdom's greatest treasure-- its crystal, the only remaining one in the whole world. Noctis is a talented and skilled warrior, able to wield weapons and magic with great effectiveness against Lucis' adversaries, and carries and comports himself as his royal lineage and training would expect.

Despite all these responsibilities, Noctis is still very much a young man who enjoys hanging out with his buddies and is still trying to figure out who he is and how he wants to fit into the world.


Noctis is played from a default canon point of approximately just before the start of FFXIII, with speculation filling in any details until its release.

I can play in action or prose, past or present tense, as needed. I'm not the fastest tagger, but will happily backtag a thread forever, so don't worry when RL gets in the way. Mun and muse are 21+ Noctis belongs to Square Enix, and I lay no claim.

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